New Partnership: TheRapTrade

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The Ounce is excited to announce our partnership with TheRapTrade, a platform dedicated to fostering hip-hop exposure. It was initiated with the belief that every rap artist, regardless of their current state of notoriety, deserves a chance to have their craft exposed to the world. 

Today’s Rap music is disseminated in a very restrictive way, allowing only those in positions of prestige and power the ability to control the trade and transmission of the art. Only a select few rappers are allowed the opportunity to express their inner truths to the world. The rappers, fortunate enough to gain national or global notoriety tend to be preceded by false illusions of mastery in the craft, while true talent is left unnoticed. These facts are further illustrated when one considers the conditions that generally brings rap artist into the national/global spotlight (i.e., luck, geographic advantage, affluence, viral social media content, among others). All artists cannot afford these conditions, leaving a world full of unexplored talent. TheRapTrade is here to solve this problem and level the playing field. 

TheRapTrade is a business initiative that focuses on new and aspiring rap artists to gain them the attention that they need. It promotes hip-hop music through advocating the original art of freestyle rap and through a mix of conventional and modern promotional tools bringing these new faces into the global spotlight. It is a talent agency, as well as a media franchise that utilizes its assets, including social media platforms and interactive websites, to feature these artists. TheRapTrade converges the rap industry on its platform and allows the industry patronage to discover new faces and explore the evolution of rap music right where it starts.

The Ounce and TheRapTrade are partnering in an effort to identify and promote DC Metro area rap artists. Both entities believe in the power in collaboration and subscribe to the mantra, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Join us in welcoming our newest partner, TheRapTrade! #WhereDemBarzAt




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