Sponsorship: National Expungement Week 2019

national expungement week 2019 poster
In October 2018, organizers in 15 cities, across nine states and Washington, D.C. held the first National Expungement Week (NEW) and helped 298 people begin the process of changing their lives through sealing or expunging their records. NEW events also offered services like voter registration, social equity education, veterans’ assistance, resume workshops, and more for over 450 people.

The Ounce is proud to announce our Neighborhood Sponsorship of this year’s National Expungement Week, to be held September 21-28. This year’s effort will have an even greater impact in helping restore access to employment, housing, education, voting rights and more. Here in D.C., NEW will host a day-long clinic on September 28 with attorneys and legal professionals available to review cases and help individuals begin the sealing or expungement process. In addition, there will be professionals present to help draft and review resumes, as well as social services related to healthcare, housing, and career training.

On September 25 at Woodridge Library, National Expungement Week will convene a community conversation with councilmembers and advocates to address how recently introduced record-sealing and expungement legislation can improve upon current D.C. law and its potential to help those with convictions and non-convictions.

Visit Off The Record for additional information and registration for the Record Sealing and Community Healing conversation (Sept 25) and the D.C. Record Sealing Clinic (Sept 28).


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