8 Ways to Support your Local Creative Friends for Free

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Since our inception, The Ounce has sought to support local creatives through programming & sponsorships. We strive to do impactful work but truth is the collective support of our communities is what will ultimately vault talented & deserving creatives to success. With that said…

Here are 8 ways to support your local creative friends for FREE!

Be Mindful About Interacting with Our Content

What is interaction? Interaction is purposefully engaging with what your creative buddies are sharing across social media & on the web. Watch our YouTube videos, listen to our podcasts, stream our music, read our blogs & think pieces, & let us know that you’re checking our work out by liking & commenting—a simple & effective approach.

Give Honest Feedback Privately

Yes, creatives are undoubtedly sensitive about our work, but hearing real & unfiltered feedback is vital to our creative & business evolution. The level of receptivity will vary from person-to-person, however you would have already offered your support in the form of your truth.

Important note: If you are wholly uninterested in the overall art form, subject matter or content, politely tell us! “Hey, this particular Drill (Rap) song isn’t for me. I’m much more into Conscious Rap—you know, like Mos Def & Black Thought. I appreciate you taking the time to share your work with me, though!” Addressing the DM-sized elephant in the room will be beneficial for us all.

Follow Our Work

Let’s be honest, many of us spend a ton of time online—heck, you’re reading this online now! Contingent our respective art form, determining whether you have an appreciation for our work could take anywhere from a couple minutes to 15 minutes. If you dig it, please follow our social media accounts & subscribe to our mailing lists, podcasts & channels. An increased followership & subscription base absolutely helps to unlock more business opportunities.

Show Up: Be There or Be Square

It isn’t uncommon to support our friends’ major life events—creative events, in a way, are major life events. If your creative buddy is taking the time to plan, execute &/or be a part a given creative gathering, whether in person or online, chances are this event matters to us. Life is incredibly busy & unpredictable, so we understand not everyone can be a part of every effort. However, it should always be a priority to show up for your friends, especially if you love our work.

Leave Us a Review

If you’ve had a good experience, leave us a quick Google, Facebook, iTunes, Yelp or site review! Reviews lend credibility, which helps to attract new businesses opportunities. We aim for greatness but completely understand that not all experiences are optimal, so we hope to discuss & lovingly address any negative experiences to avoid being sonned on the world wide web.

Share with a Friend

Nothing beats a good ol’ fashion, person-to-person referral—if you like our work/content/music/blog/etc., recommend it to a friend or an acquaintance you believe might benefit from it. Our content is easily shareable & your referral, which takes 5 seconds or less, may lead to our next client or big opportunity. 

Connect Us

Are you in contact with & aware of people & organization we should know? Connect us! Sure, not all introductions are immediately beneficial but it helps to grow our creative & professional network. One thing leads to another & the rest could be history—we just need a foot in the door.

Offer Moral Support

Pursuing creative endeavors, especially publicly, presents unique challenges & can often be discouraging. Offering your creative friends support through check-ins, uplifting words & overall kindness make a world of difference. Thank you for supporting & inspiring us—the story of our success cannot be told without you. 

We hope that these tips are useful for those seeking to be more intentional in lending support to their creative friends & acquaintances. And speaking of support—we are hosting an online listening party for independent musical artists on Saturday, July 25th from 6PM to 7PM. We’d love to have you with us as meet these talented individuals, learn more about what they stand for, & hear some of their latest work.

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